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The latest addition to my arsenal of photog gear comes in the form of LightRoom 3.  I have been a die-hard PhotoShop user since about 10 years now.  When I first started messing around with it back in high school graphic arts class, I was absolutely floored by the editing power it had.  As it turns out though, PhotoShop has a TON of features and tweaks which are geared more towards graphic artists, not photographers.  Sure, there are a bunch of fun filters and effects and brushes and blah blah blah…. Basically, PhotoShop (in my newly-formed opinion) is like a grocery store, but set up as one loooooooong hallway.  And everyone in town is shopping there.  You know what you need to buy and where it is, but getting there is frustrating and nonsensical.  LightRoom is that same grocery store, but set up by YOU.  All of the things you wish to purchase are right where you want them.  Oh, and no one else shops there.

For any photographer or anyone who edits photos as photos, not composition projects, I highly recommend LightRoom 3.  There are so many easy to use features I can’t list them all.  If you are interested, just search for videos of LightRoom 3 on YouTube.  You will see for yourself. And if you happen to need some kind of photographic proof of LightRoom 3’s awesomeness, here ya go….

Behold the power of LightRoom 3.....





~ by Blake's Photography Solutions on November 22, 2010.

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