On The First Day, Blake Created A WordPress….

So here it is, my very first post….or….blog?  Yea, I’m a photographer, not a writer so please take the text portions of this website with a grain for salt.  I’ve always disliked that saying.  It never made sense to me.  If anything, I always thought taking something with a grain of sugar would make more sense.  But seriously, what is one grain of salt of sugar going to do? Here, I looked it up for you http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grain_of_salt

I digress….

The reason I have decided to (finally) jump on this blogging bandwagon is to hopefully get people interested in my photography and maybe even gain some followers and maaaaaaaaaybe even some clients.  Hopefully these bits of writing that punctuate my photography posts will help give the people who come here another way to view me.  Just proof that I can operate a camera AND a keyboard.  My talents are endless, really, but I will get into that another time.

Another reason I wanted to jump in to the blogging world is to find, talk to and help promote and network other local artists.  As I begin to familiarize myself with WordPress, I see that basically any type of media can be posted.  I love expression.  Art is a hobby, a passion, a release, a therapy, a reason to not sleep, a means to bring people together and to evoke emotions.  Art is also one of the most interpretive things known to human kind.  I will probably never say someone’s art is horrible.  But I know what *I* like and since this is MY bloggy thingy, I intend on voicing opinions I might have pertaining to topics of discussion or posted photos.  I love a good debate, so if anyone out there ever feels that anything I write or post is incorrect, or you wish to discuss it, please feel free to reply.

In my first attempt at promoting a fellow local artist, I would like to thank my friend Lauren Berberian for cluing me in to WordPress.  If it works out, she unofficially gets credit for it (no monetary compensation will be provided).  Lauren is a Floral Designer also in Central Jersey.  She recently did some work for one of our friend’s wedding where I was playing photographer.  I will be posting pictures of what she created shortly, but until then you can find her at http://berberianfloraldesign.com

Stay tuned for actual PHOTOGRAPHY-related posts…..


~ by Blake's Photography Solutions on November 22, 2010.

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