History Lesson

Before I could afford any kind of imaging technology, I fancied a sketch pad and my trusty #2 pencil.  I LOVED art classes growing up and I managed to absorb a lot of universal concepts… proportion, prospective, color rules, composition, etc.  Once I became old enough to be trusted with a camera, I would always try to use my parents’ 35mm and even when I couldn’t,  I was known to sport a disposable.  I bought my first video camera around age 13.  I was fascinated with capturing life on video tape, although most of the “life” I captured was just my friends and I being dumb teenagers, but it was still experience.  I learned that holding the camera shoulder-height EVERY shot got really boring, really quickly.  I learned that there is definitely a trade-off regarding living the moment and capturing the moment, but if you do it right, you can pull off a balancing act of both.  I also learned that everything I retained from art classes applied to recording video as well as still imaging.


While growing up and attempting to be an adult, I kind of drifted away from sketching, video and photography.  In the beginning of 2009, I had a strange urge to buy a REAL camera, a Digital SLR.  My first “real” camera I bought was a Nikon D60.  It was truly an awesome introductory camera.  It had enough modes and options to satisfy my curiosity about the new digital world.  The last digital camera I bought was several years ago and boasted a whopping 1.3 megapixels.  The D60 rekindled my interest in capturing images.  I had basically no experience with current photography equipment.  So what did I do?  I went around everywhere and shot pictures of EVERYTHING.


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